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What is Informed Safety Harbor?

Ever wonder why Tanja Vidovic was fired by the City? Ever wonder why she was banned from Philippe Park? Do you think Facebook is terrible for finding the whole truth? So did we. That's why we decided to make public records requests for police reports, memos, emails, and other artifacts that would help us learn what really happened. Then we decided that we would share that information with you, so you don't have to do all that work!

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Tanja Vidovic

Tanja Vidovic is involved with many of the controversies in our community. Therefore we have an entire section of incidents related to her.

Falsely Claimed Mayor Fired Her

...there have been multiple situations to which you [Tanja Vidovic] are involved that have been disruptive in the workplace and are in conflict with the atmosphere that the City supports... As a result, please allow this letter to serve as your dismissal from on-call employment effective immediately.

Source: Termination letter to Tanja Vidovic from Leisure Services Director

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Filed 18 Unsubstantiated Claims Against Tampa Fire Rescue

Firefighter Vidovic alleged that she received one or more ''warning call(s)'' prior to her return to work that upon her return, someone was going to mess with her gear... Despite multiple interviews and direct orders, Firefighter Vidovic maintains that she cannot remember who made these call(s). When given a direct order to produce her cell phone records, Firefighter Vidovic delayed doing so, eventually providing records for the wrong time period... UNSUBSTANTIATED

Source: File from City of Tampa Employee Relations Manager on Investigative Findings regarding Tanja Vidovic's complaints

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Argued over Voting Rights at Espiritu Santo Catholic Church

... [to Tanja Vidovic] don't solicit and promote pro-choice on our Catholic property.

Source: Facebook video posted by Tanja Vidovic

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Banned from Philippe Park

The crew chief came out of the woods toward the truck and she [Tanja Vidovic] was yelling at one of his crew. He went over and she cursed at them and said (among other things) they were killing natives, they should be wearing respirators, they could not be out here, they were going to get cancer, and they needed better education.

Source: Pinellas County Parks and Conservation Resources Memo documenting Tanja Vidovic disorderly conduct

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Bullied Neighbors and Local Business

...your neighbor [Tanja Vidovic] has complained about us on several websites and constantly harassed our technicians. She is attacking us both for idealogical reasons and over personal animosity between your families, and further has a large following that is also attacking us online and via phone with the intent to shut down our business

Source: Email from Mosquito Joe to Tanja Vidovic's neighbor on October 16, 2019 at 9:59 AM

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Threatened City Arborist

I [Tanja Vidovic] had a conversation with the City Arborist where I questioned the city policy and what we can do to protect the trees, listing different ways that we could possibly do. Apparently, a woman questioning him made him uncomfortable, even though I asked relevant questions in a quiet, calm respectful manner without raising my voice or using any profanity.

Source: Comment from Tanja Vidovic on Saving Safety Harbor from post on August 20, 2019
Three screen captures were taken of the posts in case they are removed now.
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Sued Multiple Employers

She [Tanja Vidovic] claimed that three captains asked her for sex and the city retaliated against her after she complained about several issues. She was eventually fired.

Source: Middle District of Florida Federal Courthouse - Tampa, Florida
Case Number 8:16-cv-00714-EAK-TBM

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